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While most people would argue having a life you love will make you happy, I would argue that happiness will help you to create a life you love. I have seen too many people living lives without knowing what they want or where they should be heading. That is why it is so important that you do whatever you can to fill your life with small bits of happiness every day even as you work towards making larger overall changes.

You can also review the whole list when you are feeling down about your life to remind yourself of everything that you feel grateful for. This means you'll be more open to positive suggestions that will allow you to be happier and hopefully healthier in your life.

You'll never regret spending time with loved ones. Happy people see shades of gray and don't lose sight of the big picture during bad times. Much like you make others' lives tougher if you're unhappy. When you start experiencing new things, places and events, you will probably be meeting new people and make some new friends.

Learning to be more mindful and aware can do wonders for our well-being in all areas of life—like our walk to work, the way we eat or our relationships. Happiness is an attitude of mind, Happy people focus on what they have, unhappy people focus on what's missing.

If you were rejected for personal reasons, like asking someone on a date, use this as an opportunity to remind LOA yourself of your positive characteristics. One Australian study found that people over 70 who had the strongest network of friends lived much longer.

Slow down and get quiet enough to listen to your inner guide (a.k.a your intuition or your truth), and spend less time listening to other people's opinions or the loud, critical voice inside your own mind (which often manifests as racing thoughts or 3a.m. panic).

Sometimes you need to take a break from social media to remind yourself what really matters in life because, trust me, it's not that viral cat video you've watched a thousand times in the last five minutes. The most valuable thing money can buy is time, and it is how you use your time that will determine how happy you are.

Focus on adding those mini-happiness sources in your life as you work towards making the bigger changes. If you want to change your life for the better, you need to learn to use your secret powers that make you special. Train your mind to think of the positive outcome and, over time, this will start to happen naturally.

Material goods depreciate: The day after you buy something, it's usually worth less than you paid for it. Experiences, on the other hand, appreciate: Your memories of the things you do—vacations you take, concerts you go to—become fonder with time because you tend to recall the positives and forget the negatives.

Here are 100 that we've compiled to help you channel your negative or angry thoughts into a happier and more productive positive outlook. Most people get busy in their lives and tend to forget the little moments to lead a good life, which have the power to make your life magical.

This list seems also like a list of everything I need to work on. XD Everything I can relate to, from judging people (even if it is just mentally and quick, I know it's bad, especially since I hate the feeling of someone judging me) to making impossible to do lists.

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